Good Tendency

Currently in beta phase

Build habits with commitment.

Stupidly simple, absurdly effective. Requires your credit card.

How it works.

Simple and effective.

Apart from setting up your credit card payment, here is the app explained in its five elemental steps:

  1. Create a habit and set an arbitrary amount of money you want to put on the stake.
  2. Start the habit. You will be charged as much as you specified before.
  3. You have 24 hours to resolve the habit.
  4. If you finish the habit before the timer runs out, you get your money back.
  5. If you do not finish the habit before the timer runs out, nothing happens.

Why it works.

Rewarding and motivating.

Because you pay upfront, you are really arranging yourself with the fact that you spent money before doing anything. But that's not irreversible! Now you have 24 hours to earn it back by doing what you pledged to do.

When you return your money, it's very disconnected from your initial spending because of the time in between. That's why it feels like you earn money instead of punishing you for missing a habit. Positive reinforcement like this goes a long way.