Good Tendency

Commit to building your habits.

Good Tendency makes you financially accountable to sticking with your goals and habits. This app will single handedly transform you from a dreamer into an achiever.

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How it works. Simple and effective.

Good Tendency push notifications
  1. Create a habit and decide what amount of 💰 you want to put at stake.
  2. Start the habit. You will be charged with the chosen amount.
  3. You have 24 hours to resolve the habit.
  4. Finish the habit before the timer runs out and you'll earn your money back.
  5. Alternatively, don't finish the habit and the money is lost.

Notifications. Always at the right time.

Good Tendency push notifications

I want you to succeed, and that's why Good Tendency will remind you with powerful push notifications about your tasks 🔔. Can you imagine procrastinating on a message like "You have left 3 hours to complete your fitness workout and earn $5.00"? Me neither.

100% Profit for Nonprofit.

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Excluding mainly payment processing fees and app maintenance costs, I will donate 100% of made profit for a good cause.

The receiving organization will likely be an animal shelter 🐕. I will create an info page about where past donations went specifically after processing the first one.